In female horoscope marriage and specially love marriage or marriage where female opt a MAN for living for life, and taking all the rituals of her religion, is called as love marriage. Usually in eastern world such things are not common but as the life is much practical in western world and one has to live the life with her own tools and energy then under that circumstances it is a common and become a part of life. It is one of the reason that all get surprise when in Asian specially Indian sub-continent, they come to know that people marry here as per the will of parents. Judge, Love and then marry is the more practical approach, we understand it but such marriage brings much disturbance also along with open life. Hence separation is not a surprise in west but it is still far from being common in orthodox marriages. 

For a lady, marriage is one of the most serious and most pleasing happening in life. Even no male desires a disturbed life, but marriage means much more then words or life for a lady. Ladies are very very sensitive and marriage is the ground where their internal desire of completeness comes to its destination. Hence in case of ladies, ASTROLOGERS, require more deeper studies and if any problem is seen then he should give her proper remedial measures which can give peace in her married life. In all the holy text of Astrology, either in India, or Greek or Egypt, it has been given more force and one must try that she may not require to spend much or do much which may disturb her daily life. 

We are giving here some good yoga or combination or placement of planets, which are mentioned by the Sage of Vedic Astrology. We have found them very much correct and very surprisingly it is true even after 4000 year of the date of this text.

When the following combination are existing in the horoscope of any lady then it is said that such lady will get good much stress in married life. Any one can identify it by using our horoscope on line package. 

If the violent Mars of a female horoscope is aspect by violent Rahu or Saturn of a male horoscope. It gives cancellation of many malefic yoga of 

If Venus of a male and Mars of any lady's chart are conjoined, aspect or in center (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10 house are called center).

If Saturn or Rahu in a male horoscope are in the same house in which Mars is placed in female horoscope.

If Venus in male and Mars in female horoscopes are afflicted by Saturn at birth and male's Saturn aspects female's Venus house.

When Venus in a male horoscope in 12th house and Mars in the same house in a female horoscope makes them as they are made for each other.

When 5th house has aspect or occupied by a strong planet out of Mars or Moon, the native becomes very emotional and liable to fall in love with the opposite sex very easily but it makes tension in married life.

If there is a malefic planet in 9th house, one is sure to go get love and affection in life but male never speak like that.

For successful marriage, it is quite essential to assess the power of Mars and Venus they increase the intensity of love making.

If Mars and Venus have exchanged their relative positions in the horoscope of lady and are in good house, it will surely bless her much love in life.

If Sun in one horoscope has the same longitude as Moon or the rising sign in other horoscope, it is seen that they have good attraction toward other person.

If Moon in one chart has same longitude as the rising sign of Sun in other horoscope, it is conducive to harmony.

Sun in one in good aspect to ascendant or Moon in the other is good sign.

Moon in one, in good aspect or conjunction with lagna or Sun in the other exercises good influence.

Sun in one in good aspect to sun in another is good.

Moon in one in good aspect to Moon in another is for good relations.

Mars and Saturn having same longitude in each other chart increases the mutual attraction, though it may not be endure.

Jupiter and Saturn having same longitude in each other's charts lead to better understanding sympathy and appreciation of the other.

Jupiter and Venus having same longitude in each other chart are good for social company.

Negative combination

If Sun and Venus are combined such lady get pain due to family member of husband or use to have much fear in her due to which she never be able to enjoy family life.

Sun and Venus in 3rd house, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 9th and 11th house gives much strained married life.

If Mars in a female horoscope falls in Rahu position in a male horoscope, the marriage will end in divorce due to sex perversion from female.

If Venus in a male horoscope falls in Rahu position of female, the separation or divorce will be due to sex perversion of male. 

Similarly Rahu in female chart should not have any bad aspect on Venus in the male chart as it would aggravate the sex perversion.

In the same manner Saturn generally causes misery due to poverty. And such person gets set backs after marriage.

The presence of Ketu in 4th house of female gives her separation.

Placement of Sun in 7th house (if Saturn in not in 1st house) reduced long married life.

Placement of Sun and Saturn in 7th house gives separation.


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